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Chart of Al Qumriyah Island to Ra's Dhalamah (Paper Nautical Chart)

​​Chart Number: 131 SA​​

​​Chart Title: ​Al Qumriyah Island t​o Ra's Dhalamah
Product type: Paper Navigational Chart (PNC)​​
Standard: S57 (IHO)
Format: PDF, TIFF 
Use: PNC for navigation purposes
Scale: 1:50,000
Language: Arabic and English
General Description: Safety of navigation. Map contains information that helps the safety of sailing ship depicting safe routes for ships and showing navigational obstacles.

Coordinates:    ​22 ْ  54.96N   -     22 ْ   12.34N
                                   38 ْ   35.39E   -     39 ْ   03.95E

Geodetic Reference: WGS84​