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The "GASGI" is participating in the International Day for GIS
3 December 2020
The General Authority for Survey and Geospatial Information(GASGI)will participate in the event of the International Day for Geographic Information Systems(GIS), organized by King Saud University tomorrow, Wednesday, and the Authority will participate as a platinum sponsor in that event to support awareness-raising and contribute to the definition of the science of GIS as one of the important and effective sciences in the process of supporting sound decision-making based on  Accurate geospatial information.
The authority participates with a number of working papers in the field of geospatial information,  hydrographic and geodetic infrastructure networks. The authority also sheds light during the accompanying virtual exhibition on its services and products and the number of geospatial infrastructure projects where it presented information on the national coverage project with base map data, which is the first of its kind  At the level of the Kingdom in terms of coverage, in terms of the quality of the scale and the quality of services and products.
As well as the geographical names project, the project of inventorying and naming the islands in the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aqaba and the Arabian Gulf, and the historical aerial photos project, which contains more than (164,484) aerial photographs of a number of cities in the Kingdom at different time periods.
As well as the  hydrography projects indicating that the authority surveyed the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba by 100% and produced a number of nautical charts and coastal zone maps that contribute to the safety of maritime navigation.
The authority, as the regulator of the geospatial   information and survey sector, aims to regulate, develop, upgrade, supervise and control the sector in order to achieve quality and improve performance.

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