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Al-Janadriyah / Highlighting the Future Vision of the Survey and Information Sector on the Janadriyah Ground
6 August 2018
The General Commission for Survey (GCS), through its pavilion at the National Festival for Heritage and Culture, "Janadriyah 32" presented a highlight of the future vision of the geospatial survey and information sector with a briefing directed to visitors on the most important on-going projects being carried out by the GCS along with the Commission's future objectives.

The pavilion included a display of the GCS main activities,  objectives and a number of the most important projects and activities, with a view to shedding light on the nature of the GCS mandate and how it is functioning , introducing the products and services it is providing to the public and private sectors, as well as the attention it is paying to all types of social sectors with the ultimate goal of  raising public awareness in the fields of surveying, mapping, geographic information, hydrography, aerial photography, and all types of disciplines and survey sciences.

General Supervisor of the GCS pavilion Abdul Majeed Ibn Hammad Al Khaldi, said the survey and geospatial information sector is one of the promising sectors that will help promoting the development of the national economy and the sustainable development of our blessed country stressing the role and significant impact of geospatial information in supporting the economy and the country's overall development. He pointed out that the GCS has formalized the focus of its prospective plans through the expression of its future vision of the geospatial survey and information sector, which has been blessed by winning approval of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Mohammed Ibn Salman Ibn Abdulaziz, Deputy Premier and Minister of Defense, Chairman of the GCS Board of Directors, in line with the National Transformation Program 2020 and the Kingdom's Vision 2030.​

Al Khalidi said that the pavilion provides visitors with introductory information and puts on display a number of GCS products including official maps of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the country’s governorates, aerial photographs, survey equipment, sample hydrographic products in the Red Sea and the Arab Gulf and the GCS Geoportal shown on digital screens. Finally, he said, the GCS attending the pavilion are distributing gifts to visitors including maps and folded leaflets containing introductory information. ​​

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