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Agreement Between the GCS and National Grid SA
2 July 2018

​The General Commission for Survey (GCS) and the National Grid SA signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) at the GCS Head Quarters in Riyadh on Thursday 23/3/1438H. The MoU was signed by GCS President H.E Dr. Abdul-Aziz Ibn Ibrahim Al-Saab, and Eng. Laith Ibn Ahmed Al Bassam, CEO of the National Grid SA.

The MOU between GCS and National Grid SA called for benefiting from the expertise and capabilities available to the signing parties in promoting the functioning of national projects through the development of their mutual cooperation in the fields of common interest, exchanging survey and geospatial data and information of common interest and coordinating the organization of conferences, forums and workshops focussing on areas of common interest.

Also included in the MoU was an agreement by the two parties to form a joint working group whose task is to oversee and activate the items listed, coordinate between the two parties, prepare a detailed plan on all related topics, identify the role and responsibilities of each party in a manner that would ensure the proper and effective implementation of the MoU. Also to submit joint regular periodic reports on the progress of work. The parties agreed that the MoU will go into effect from the date of signing for a period of three calendar years automatically renewable unless one of the parties serves notice to the other expressing a desire to withdraw from the agreement at least three months in advance of the natural expiry date. Work on the implementation of on-going programs, work assignments and other functions consequent on them per the terms of this MoU shall continue until the agreed date of expiry.

The two parties also agreed to maintain confidentiality of the data and information that become known to them through the implementation of this MoU and none of them shall disclose such data and information to third parties except with the prior written consent of the other party. The two parties must, additionally , be committed to observing intellectual property rights and rights to innovations whether privately owned or owned by either party and avoid any abuse of such rights in violation of relevant laws or regulating orders.

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