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Speech of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud, may God protect him, at the opening of the second year of the seventh session of the Shura Council 1439 AH
15 December 2017


Praise be to god, the Lord of the Worlds, who says in the Book of Judgment, "and consult them in the matter." He said (and ordered them to be shura), and the most complete prayer and peace be upon the faithful Prophet and his family and companions.
Brothers and Sisters:
Peace, mercy and blessings of God:
It is our pleasure to meet with you on this blessed day and to open the second year’s work  of the seventh session of the Shura Council on the blessing of God, asking the Almighty to make our work pure and to take our hands to the best of the country and the people.
The occasion of the opening of the second year’s work  of the seventh session of the Shura Council means the passage of twenty-five years of the formation of this Council in accordance with its modern system, the years that confirmed the effectiveness of the Shura Council and its role in development.
Since the establishment of King Abdulaziz, may Allah have mercy on him, your state has endeavoured to apply the law of God, adhere to the Islamic faith, and promote the principle of justice. Your government seeks to develop the present in a way that does not conflict with the principles of our faith and values and traditions. And the Mosque of His Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him. We also thank him for his generosity and success to the outstanding success of the pilgrimage season last year, which we have touched on the feelings of the pilgrims and officials from different countries.
Brothers and Sisters:
Your country is moving forward on the path of development, modernization and continuous development, and this is achieved by God Almighty, which means to everyone to provide a decent way of life, and the vision of the Kingdom 2030 is to enhance this developmental path by diversifying the economic base and sources of income, exploiting the energies and resources available, and the various possibilities available to move in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the refineries of developed countries in various fields.
To achieve the objectives of the vision, the establishment and restructuring of some ministries, agencies, institutions and public bodies in accordance with the requirements of this stage, such as the establishment of the General Authority for Military Industries, The National Security Agency and the National Cyber security Authority, and to amend the name of the Investigation and Prosecution Commission to the Public Prosecutor's Office and amend the association. The new strategy of the Public Investment Fund and its investments inside and outside the Kingdom will be developed in order to diversify sources of income and promote development. And improving the state revenues and reducing the deficit in the general budget, and in this context has been announced several major projects vital and important, including projects (Qadiyah, the Red Sea, and Neum)
Dear Brothers and Sisters:
Corruption in all its forms and manifestations is a serious scourge that undermines societies and prevents them from renaissance and development. with god willing, may our strength to confront with justice and determination to enjoy our country with the renaissance and development that every citizen hopes and in this context we have decided to form a supreme committee for corruption issues under the leadership of His Highness the Crown Prince. A scant few of them do not prejudice the integrity of the citizens of this country, pure and honourable princes, ministers, businessmen, employees and workers at all levels and in various positions of responsibility in the public and private sectors as well as the residents of the workers and investors who are proud and proud of them Tighten their hands and wish them success.
The Kingdom continues to remove obstacles, encourages domestic and foreign investment, adopts the strategy of economic diversification and seeks to develop a more competitive economic structure. Sustainability of development meets the needs of the current generation while preserving the rights of future generations.
The data confirmed a decline in the fiscal deficit until the third From 2017 by 40 present compared to the same period last year.
 The State has developed investments in the military, transportation and consumer industries to reduce the import of goods from outside the Kingdom, in addition to the expansion of privatization. These steps are expected to achieve, in the aggregate, good and sustainable revenues that increase efficiency in order to diversify resources and provide more opportunities for our sons and daughters.
In this context, we value the role of the private sector as an important partner in development. Despite the efforts of this sector in the field of business, it is hoped that its role will increase in the recruitment of national wings, attracting talent and localization of technology. At the same time, The needs of the labor market and education and training programs. The State will continue to support and motivate the private sector by all means.
In order to support and organize the non-governmental real estate activity and develop it to raise its efficiency and encourage investment in accordance with the objectives of economic and social development, the General Real Estate Authority has been established to contribute in providing a range of services to citizens, developers and related parties as this step is one of the strategic objectives of the vision of the Kingdom 2030 and the transformation program In the context of improving the performance of the real estate sector, increasing its contribution to GDP and facilitating procedures.
Brothers and Sisters:
In order to broaden the base of participation in national development, the country  has continued its efforts to promote the empowerment of Saudi women to participate in development and decision-making in accordance with Shari'a regulations. They hold thirty seats in the Shura Council and have gained confidence in the municipal elections. It is an active member of the national development process in all its fields.
Brothers and Sisters:
Your country seeks to develop its present and build its future and move forward on the path of development, modernization and continuous development in a way that does not conflict with its virtues, and adhere to moderation as a path and moderation approach, as God has ordered us to do so in our values and constants and our message to all that there is no place between us to extremes See in our war on extremism as a means to spread the degradation and exploitation of religion is facilitated to achieve its objectives, and we will hold accountable anyone who goes beyond that, we are God's protectors of religion has been honoured by God and the service of Islam and Muslims and the Almighty God repayment and reconciliation.
Brothers and Sisters:
Many of the countries of the world, including the Kingdom, have been subjected to terrorist acts that have horrified societies, destroyed facilities and killed many innocent people. In the face of this criminal phenomenon, the Kingdom's government has contributed to international efforts to terrorize terrorism and initiated the establishment of a military Islamic alliance to terrorize terrorism. Concepts of moderation and tolerance, and we look forward to strengthening and intensifying the international efforts to eradicate terrorism until it is eradicated and its sources dried up.
Brothers and Sisters:
At the international level, the Kingdom plays an influential role in international  forums through the United Nations, the Islamic and Arab organizations and the G20 to serve its interests and the interests of its brothers, and stand up with truth and justice. Your country has also received many leaders of the world and senior officials in brotherly and friendly countries. (Saudi-American) summit, during which the vision was announced by the joint Saudi-United States of America, and the signing of several important agreements. The second summit is the "Summit of the GCC States" Gulf Arab states and the United States of America), where leaders agreed to fight terrorism in all its forms, and the third summit is (the Arab Summit - Islamic - American), with the participation of many of the leaders of the Arab and Islamic countries, has focused on the close partnership between the Arab and Islamic countries.
And the United States of America to confront extremism and terrorism, and promote the values and principles of coexistence and tolerance, as well as to address sectarian and sectarian agendas and interference in the affairs of States, as well as counter piracy and protection of navigation, and saw the launch of the first global centre to combat extremist thought in Riyadh.
These three summits reflect the international standing and appreciation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and affirm its keenness to strengthen cooperation between it and friendly and brotherly countries and its pivotal role in promoting security, peace and stability in the region and the world.
In order to enhance the Kingdom's relations with the countries of the world, we visited a number of brotherly and friendly countries (Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Japan, the People's Republic of China, Jordan and the Russian Federation), during which we discussed the development of bilateral relations and the development of events on the regional and international arenas , As well as issues of common concern. These visits have resulted in a shift in the course of relations with these countries, which will contribute, in the name of God, to the common interests and world peace.
Brothers and Sisters:
We reaffirm the firm position of the Kingdom of the Palestinian people in its just cause. The Kingdom considers the Palestinian cause to be at the forefront of its concerns and its position will always be based on principles and foundations aimed at achieving a just and comprehensive peace based on the restoration of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, The establishment of an independent State with East Jerusalem as its capital in accordance with the relevant resolutions of international legitimacy and the Arab Peace Initiative welcomed by the international community. On this occasion, the Kingdom affirms its deep regret and regret at the American decision on Jerusalem because of its great bias against the right Historical and fixed in Jerusalem, which are guaranteed by the international resolutions of the Palestinian people, and gained recognition and support of the international community.
As for the Yemeni crisis, the crisis of firmness and the restoration of hope was not an option for the coalition countries to support the legitimacy in Yemen, but it was a duty for all of us to support our brothers the news of the brotherly Yemeni people and we remain committed to supporting the legitimacy in the Republic of Yemen to impose its authority over the entire Yemeni territory. In accordance with Security Council Resolution (2216), the Gulf Initiative and its Executive Mechanism, and the results of the national dialogue. This will lead to the beginning of a transitional period that will bring about stability in Yemen and then reconstruction.
As we all know, our duty towards the Muslim world is not limited to offering services and facilities to Muslims coming to our country, but also to attention to all issues of Muslims and the problems facing them. The Kingdom is always supportive of the suffering and suffering in all parts of the earth. Saudi Arabia has condemned the violations of the rights of the Rohingya Muslims and the burning of their mosques. The Kingdom has continued with the Secretary-General of the United Nations, resulting in immediate condemnation by the United Nations. The Kingdom has also called for a UN resolution condemning these violations.
Brothers and Sisters:
We are working with our allies to confront the tendency to intervene in the affairs of the countries of the region, fuel sectarian strife, destabilize regional security and stability, and support terrorism. .
Brothers and Sisters:
We are part of this world and an active member of the international community. The Kingdom is actively involved in the field of international development and humanitarian relief. The Kingdom has made visible efforts in these aspects, especially the humanitarian aspect, in supporting and contributing to alleviating the suffering of those in need. Through the King Salman Centre for Relief and Humanitarian Action. The Kingdom appreciated the countries, organizations and humanitarian bodies for their assistance to people in need in times of disasters and tribulations.
I thank His Excellency the President of the Shura Council, and the brothers and sisters of the Council for their efforts and contributions, wishing them success and payment.
Peace, mercy and blessings of God .

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