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H.E the GCS President Addresses Launch Ceremony of the Awareness Program on Information Security
6 December 2017
H.E Dr. Abdul-Aziz Ibn Ibrahim Al-Saab, President of the General Commission for Survey (GCS), signaled the launch of the Awareness Program on Information Security, held at the GCS Headquarters in Riyadh in collaboration with the Center of Excellence for Information Security at King Saud University (KSU).
H.E the GCS President said in an address to the launching ceremony that information has now become a primary source of revival and progress for nations in all walks of life. He said the more we gain ground in the possession of verified, sound and reliable information, the more we feel the role they contribute to  accelerating and improving the cycle of a country’s development given the fact that they represent the main source of knowledge and support for decision making.
H.E explained that the (GCS) is sponsoring one of the most important forms of information, namely the geospatial information, which has the ability to link an event to a particular location, making it the basis for providing the answers to all sorts of questions needed for development and decision-making, and are available to all stakeholders from both the public and private sectors in addition to individual users in the community at large. 
H.E Dr. Al-Saab added that due to the severe cyber-attacks that have targeted many government and private organizations in the region, and have even become worth over the past few months, resulting in negative effects on the country’s economy, development and national security, the attention to information security at all levels has become a foremost necessity  needed to minimize those risks. He said as it were, information security encompasses many things, including: protecting the information against hacking, intrusion ,  espionage, damage etc., in addition to the protection of servers, computers, networks and databases used for data storage, transfer of data and data processing. 
It is from this standpoint, he said, that we look at the benefit of holding such an awareness program which is aimed at raising the level of security awareness of our employees to properly deal with the imminent security risks surrounding us with the best human and material capabilities available to us, make sure that they have been properly responded to, which will, at the end of the day – and with the will of Allah- reflect positively on the creation of a secure and efficient environment at the GCS with the collective joint effort of all. 
In conclusion , H.E the GCS President expressed wishes of success to everyone. 
Director of the Information Security Department, Eng. Othman Ibn Salem Al-Shehri, shed light on the main objectives of the security awareness program, including pushing up the level of awareness relative to the importance of electronic security through the provision of basic knowledge on the most important topics of information security, explaining the security risks and threats facing the information work environment and the optimum and proper means of handling them. He pointed out that the information security program consists of twenty-eight awareness presentations on information security which will be directed to all GCS employees at the headquarters in Riyadh City and the branch office in Makka Al-Mukarrama Province. He said it also includes activating (Rwam) electronic alert program which includes a demonstration of the self-education experience through a visualized content covering the most important topics of information security for all GCS staff. Moreover, the program includes the design and printing of more than 290 printed products of different sizes, containing the most important awareness messages in addition to an awareness portfolio prepared for each and every employee.
Meanwhile, Dr. Jalal Ibn Farid Al Muhtadi, Director of the Center of Excellence for Information Security, said the Kingdom’s government is keen on the development and support of information security. He said an obvious evidence of this is the creation of the Cybersecurity Authority whose mandate is to take care of information security. He added that the creation of the Authority points to the high importance attached to the goal of providing  the general frame of an electronic security involving all government agencies. Dr. Al Muhtadi stressed the importance of the partnership between the Center and the GCS which has so far been provenly successful in a number of projects.
The Awareness Program on Information Security then kicked off with the first lecture entitled “the Threatening Danger of Cyber Crimes” delivered by Dr. Meshari Ibn Ibrahim Al-Meshari, Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Sciences,  (KSU), Advisor at the Center of Excellence for Information Security. The second lecture, also delivered by  Dr. Al-Mashari, was entitled: “International Standards on Information Security”. It is worth mentioning that the above activities began on 8/3/1439H and will continue until the final date of 18/3/1439H.


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