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28 April 2016
The General Commission for Survey (GCS) has won this year's Award for Excellence in GIS Implementation (EGI) at the GISWORX 2016 meeting, one of the most important GIS conferences in the Middle East. GCS was nominated for the award after a thorough review made by an independent panel of professional specialists.
The Award was received, on behalf of H.E GCS president Dr. Abdulaziz ibn Ibrahim Al-Saab, by Engineer Asim Al-Ghamdi. H.E Dr. Al-Saab emphasized that geospatial information is being increasingly recognized as a most important element in supporting decision-making in relation to development plans and all other fields such as education, healthcare, electric power supply, water supply, telecommunications, road networks, the total economy, land development, industrial development, agriculture, social welfare, public security, environmental protection, tourism, etc.
He said the great care and attention attached by the decision-makers in the Kingdom to investing in the development of fields such as the collection, production, management, dissemination and exchange of geospatial information has had a direct impact on making headway in establishing and sharing the use of geospatial information databases. He added that it was this consensus that has consequently led to the development of GIS implementations ultimately leading to reaching sound decisions in the right time and at minimum cost. ​​

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